Manufacturing Process

1. Production

Production begins in our 44,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. Each mold is inspected and tacked prior to fabrication.

2. Gel Coat

The pool’s high quality gel-coat product is applied to the mold at a minimum of 30 mils –  that’s 1/3 thicker than today’s average vinyl liner. The smooth non-porous surface is applied then the mold is moved to the curing area.

3. Hand Laid Process

The structural fabrication of your new Sun Pool fiberglass pool begins with the hand laid process of modified epoxy known as vinyl ester resin applied to the gel-coat. This material will increase the impact strength of the pool surface as well as provide protection against long-term water exposure. This surface is allowed to thoroughly harden before the next step in the process.

4. Completing Construction

Next, your team of craftsmen complete the construction of your Sun Fiberglas Pool by integrating layers of fabric to provide one of the strongest one-piece fiberglass pool shells available. Compare our craftsmanship to any other fiberglass pool.

5. Reinforcing Materials

After the main fabrication is completed, the team of laminators place reinforcing materials on the side walls and coping, or top rim, of the pool.

6. Critical Point Lamination

Sun Pools feature a unique lamination pattern called Critical Point Lamination (A). This process places the building material across the pool from side-to-side, instead of the industry standard of end-to-end. Our process creates one of the industries toughest pools. Your new Sun Pool won’t need a belly band, spreader bar (brace) across the pool when installed (B).

7. Cure and Trim

Sun Pools are shipped complete: pool, light housing, plumbing fittings, tile and waterfalls are already factory placed when your pool shell arrives, saving weeks of installation time.

8. Pool Shipped Complete

Tile being placed into the pool mold before arriving at your location.

9. Tiles Being Placed

The completed pool is removed from the mold and cured and trimmed.