A crucial benefit to a fiberglass pool is the feel of the pool’s surface under water. Concrete Pools have rough surfaces, while fiberglass pools offer a smooth surface without being slippery like vinyl pool liners.

Aside from the pool’s surface material, there are many other key differences between Fiberglass Pools and more traditional Concrete or Vinyl Lined Pools.

Features Fiberglass Pools Concrete Pools Vinyl Liner Pools
Guarantee Lifetime 1-5 Years Liner Seams
Maintenance Hours per week 1 Hour 8 Hours 6 Hours
Cost per Month $15 $40 $25
Bank Acceptance Excellent Excellent Fair
Surface Smooth Rough Slippery
Sub-Contractors None 6-8 4-8
Time to Install A Few Weeks A Few Months 4-8 Weeks
Re-Marcite/Re-Plastering Never 4-7 Years Never
Quality Controlled By Factory By Installer By Installer
Type of Coping Non-Slip Fiberglass Concrete Aluminum
Steps & Seating Built In Optional Optional
Drainage of Pool Never Yearly in Colder Climates When Repaired or Replaced
Other Considerations None Expensive to Build & Maintain Liners Deteriorate & Damage Easily